Killyvane Story

Linen 62" wide

Red Dot

Rug Binding (assorted colours)

Dorr wool (natural)

Textured wool off the bolt

Dye Swatches, Sue Logue book 1
(c/w recipes on them)

Dye Swatches, Dye Me To The Moon

Hooking frame with stand

Moshimer hook

Variety of 1/16 yd dyed wool
Dip Dyed/Spot Dyed
(mostly dorr wool)

Whipping needles (2 per pack) gold

Complete Beginner hooking kit containing
everything needed to hook a 10" x 8" rug










4 for $14


All prices in Canadian Funds.
Cash/Cheque only,
 PST & GST included

Above is a sample of everything you get in a complete Beginner's Hooking Kit. Please see the "Classes" page to choose your preferred Beginner's Kit.
Hand Dyed Wool
1/4 yd - $14

Contact Freda at 604-463-0043 or e-mail freda33@telus.net to purchase supplies.
Hooking Supplies
Effective January 1, 2020