Killyvane Story
Gone Hooking Group

These are some of the members of the Traditional Rug Hooking Group based out of Maple Ridge and Pitt Medows in British Columbia.  Membership is $5 per month and entitles you to use of the dyes, books, dyeing equipment, etc. for free.  You must know how to hook to participate.

Rug hooking teachers are invited to come in a couple of times throughout the year.  The Gone Hooking Group pays the teacher's transportation, food and lodging and $200 per day as well as hall rental.  The Gone Hooking Group follows the Ontario/Nova Scotia teacher regulations.  When a clas is offered, the proposed class is presented at one of our meetings, names are taken adn Freda then emails or calls those members that were not at the meeting.  Class size is limited and no favourtism is shown.  Classes fill up quickly.  If a class is not filled by members, non-members are then invited to attend.  Contact Freda at 604-463-0043 or freda33@telus.net

Heritage Buildings in Pitt Meadows, hooked by Gone Hooking, donated to Pitt Meadows Lions Club
Lady on Bench, hooked by Gone Hooking, one "square" of a Cancer Rug hooked by all groups in BC
Hooked for Grandma's Room in appreciation for hook-ins at the Mackin House, Heritage Pattern - Diamonds and Flowers
Incredible Treadable, Hooked by Gone Hooking, donated to Deep Cove Art Gallery for a fundraiser